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Vintage Handmade Moroccan Wedding Blanket Handira - "Aylana"

Vintage Handmade Moroccan Wedding Blanket Handira - "Aylana"

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Sequined blankets, also know as handira, are made for Berber brides of the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco as a traditional bridal cape.

They are woven in advance for the wedding ceremony, by the bride's family as a bridal dress. After receiving marriage advice from her family, the bride wears the Berber dress on the way to her new home. For Berbers it is a symbol of fertility, fortune and protection from evil forces. 

These blankets are made with metal sequins and over the years rust can occur on these vintage blankets, but the vintage history and nature should be appreciated.

Origin:  Morocco + Atlas Mountains

Made/Realised:  By hand

Length/Width:  210 cm x 135 cm


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