About Us

Welcome to Marrakesh Loom: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Elegance

Who We Are

We are Marrakesh Loom, a California-based company specializing in high-end, handmade custom Moroccan and Berber rugs sourced directly from the heart of Morocco. With an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity, our rugs are meticulously designed and hand-knotted by highly skilled weavers in the Atlas Mountains.

Preserving Tradition, Inspiring Innovation

Led by co-owners Anas Tayour and Rachid El Youssoufi, our passion lies in the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity. We take pride in evolving the time-honored art of rug making, offering endless possibilities for customization in color, size, and design. Drawing inspiration from natural materials, architecture, artistic expression, and the vibrant colors and shapes of Morocco, our rugs effortlessly meld the ancient and the contemporary.

Crafted with Excellence, Guided by Artistry

At Marrakesh Loom, we celebrate the incredible talent and craftsmanship of our weavers, who hail from the Berber Tribes renowned for their mastery of traditional weaving and knotting techniques. Their skillful hands transform the finest materials into works of art, capturing the rich cultural heritage that resonates within each rug. Our designs draw inspiration from diverse sources, including the organic beauty of nature, abstract paintings, mosaic entryways, and the breathtaking landscapes of the Atlas Mountains.

Pushing Boundaries, Partnering with Visionaries

In our pursuit of innovation, we collaborate with thought leaders in design who continuously push the boundaries of the Moroccan weaving tradition. By joining forces with these creative minds, we breathe new life into our collection, ensuring that our rugs stay at the forefront of style and craftsmanship.

Empowering Our Team, Enriching Lives

At Marrakesh Loom, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting our team members. We are dedicated to improving and evolving working conditions, providing competitive wages, and fostering an enriching work experience. By investing in our team, we ensure that the passion and dedication they bring to each rug are nurtured, resulting in exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

FREE Shipping Across the United States and Beyond

Wherever you are, we are delighted to bring the allure of Marrakesh Loom to your doorstep. We offer FREE shipping services across the United States and to most countries worldwide. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to deliver your handcrafted rug with care and efficiency.

Join us on a journey of elegance and craftsmanship as we transform your living spaces with the timeless beauty of Moroccan rugs. Experience the seamless blend of tradition and contemporary style, and let Marrakesh Loom be your trusted source for exceptional quality and unrivaled artistry.

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