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Handwoven Moroccan flat-weave wool Kilim area rug - ( 250 × 150 Cm )

Handwoven Moroccan flat-weave wool Kilim area rug - ( 250 × 150 Cm )

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Handwoven Moroccan flatweave Kilim rug, handmade by berber women from the Atlas Mountains.
Moroccan kilims known as "Hanbel" are unique pieces of handwoven art and reflection of the weaver’s artistry. Made entirely by hand from the purest and locally sourced materials, such as Atlas mountain sheep wool, cotton or velvet and crafted according to ancient, traditional weaving techniques, each is infused with a sense of history and designed in a language of unique simplicity, with designs originating from berber tribes deep in the Atlas mountains. The vibrant patterns and design are a representation of thousands of years of rich heritage, that will add a beautiful and elegant touch to any home.
A wonderful piece that will add detail and warmth to your home.
Perfect as a bedside and suitable for small spaces, it can also be hang on a wall or in any room of your preference.

Colors: See photos

SIZE: 8.20 FT× 4.92 FT ( 250 Cm × 150 Cm )

MATERIAL: 100% organic wool.

Handmade in Morocco

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